Services and Snow Removal


While the responsibility of wildlife animals rest with the United States Forest Service or California Department of Fish and Game, they do not pick up wild animal carcasses. At this time there is no public agency in Trinity County that removes animals struck by vehicles. 


If an animal is struck by a vehicle and obstructing a County Roadway, the D.O.T. road crews may move the animal to the side of road, but will not remove the carcass from the site.


If the animal dies on private property, it is the owner’s responsibility to dispose of the carcass; State Highways are handled by Caltrans. In the case of a domestic animal, please call the Trinity County Animal Shelter (530-623-1370); they will attempt to locate the owner but they do not pick up the animal – that is the owner’s responsibility.


The Trinity County Road Department has developed the following snow plow policy and snow plow priority maps. These maps may change due to changes in staffing and / or scheduled school bus routes. If you have any questions, comments or correction recommendations, please call Andy Pence, Senior Engineer at 530-623-1365 ext. 3414, or send an email to: TCDOT.

NOTE:  The following maps have four different priority classifications for county roads.

Priority 1 Roads: Are Major Arterials and will be the highest priority roads for the county road personnel to keep open during a large storm event.

Priority 2 Roads: Are also high priority roads, many of which are school bus routes and emergency services locations, that road personnel will be focusing on during storm events.

Priority 3 Roads: May be plowed during storm events, as time permits, but overtime will not be authorized to plow these roads. Priority 3 roads will not be plowed weekends or holidays, and may not be plowed until priority 1 and 2 roads are cleared.

Priority 4 Roads: Are "Not Winter Maintained," and may not be plowed at all. Some of the "Not Winter Maintained" roads may be opened when all other plowing and storm cleanup has been completed.

Trinity County Snow Plow Policy

Trinity County Snow Removal Map - All areas

Hayfork Snow Removal Map
Salyer/Hawkins Bar Snow Removal Map
Trinity Center Snow Removal Map
Weaverville/Lewiston Snow Removal Map