Wildwood Road Bridge Replacement


 Updated April 15, 2014





Located in Trinity County, 2.7 Miles North of State Route 36 along Wildwood Road.


General work description: Construct 3-span cast-in-place pre-stressed concrete slab bridge and approximately 0.2 mile of new roadway. Project also includes the construction of rock slope protection, adjacent privately owned driveway, and United States forest Service route conforms. Project also requires a plant establishment and long-term (5 year) maintenance and monitoring of plants for environmental mitigation. You must perform, place, construct, or install other items and details not mentioned that are required of the plans under the Standard Specifications and special provisions.

The County will receive sealed bids for Wildwood Road Bridge 5C-246 Replacement Project at 4:00 PM, May 7th, 2015.


The Engineers estimate for the work is $3,281,000. Funding available for Wildwood Road Bridge Replacement Project is $3,626,000. Award of bid will be based upon receiving a bid that falls within the available funding. Should two or more bids fall within available funding; the project will be awarded to the lowest responsive bidder.

The Official Bid book is available for download at CIPList.com. All bidders MUST register at the CIPList.com, and download plans from the website in order to bid on this project.

The bid book is available in a digital format only. The bidder is required to print out and bind the bid book and submit it by the bid opening date listed in the Notice to Bidders.