Coronavirus (COVID-19) Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Vaccine
I've been trying since noon to make an appointment for my second shot. I gather there is a problem with When will the problem be fixed and I will be able to make an appointment?

The MyTurn system is now open and theoretically persons can register for the second dose only PODS; HOWEVER, – Trinity County Public Health Branch (TCPHB) has been informed by members of the public of an issue with the MyTurn system in which some persons are being turned away from registering for their second dose.

The following individuals should be able to make an appointment:

  1. Those 65 years of age and older
  2. Those in the following sectors:
  • Emergency services, this includes law enforcement/CHP
  • Education and childcare
  • Food and agriculture

Those who received their first dose through a TCPHB Point of Distribution Site (PODS) that are 18-64 years of age with chronic health conditions that put them at increased risk may not  be able, at this time, to secure an appointment through the MyTurn system. ANY persons who have had their first dose of COVID-19 Moderna vaccine given at a TCPHB PODS and are unable to make an appointment through the MyTurn system, please call the COVID-19 Vaccine line at 623-8235 and you will be provided with an appointment time for your second dose.