Coronavirus (COVID-19) Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Vaccine
The pop up vaccination clinics at the Weaverville Library this week will not give the third shot of the COVID vaccine for the immunocompromised which has been approved by the CDC and the California Health Department. The person I spoke to said the third shot hasn’t been approved for Trinity County. Pharmacies in Redding are giving this third shot. Even CVS in Weaverville is giving the third shot but they have only Pfizer and I need the Moderna. Why isn’t Trinity County Public Health up to date on this protocol? It is not a “booster” shot, but is a third shot of the vaccine to help immunocompromised people like me who had a weak reaction to the first two doses. It is approved for use as early as 28 days after the second dose, can you get whatever approval you need before the library vaccine clinic ends on Friday?

Thank you for this question. We do understand that a third dose of Moderna and Pfizer has been added for persons with specific immunocompromising conditions; however at this time for safety reasons TCPHB Mobile vaccination units are not administering third doses. We are reviewing the data and all relevant FDA and ACIP data and will let our residents know when these vaccines become available through our TCPHB sponsored mobile vaccination units. In the interim we ask that persons eligible for a third dose reach out to their medical provider, or other pharmacies near them.