2016-2017 Grand Jury Reports and Responses

Downloadable PDF Files of Reports and Responses

Based on Policy statement no. 3-90 (p),  the timetable for response to the report to comply with a 90-day limitation for the Board of Supervisors and 60-day limitation for Elective Officers and appointed Department Heads. Each finding and response shall be brief, to the point, and reflect substantially the following:  As to each finding, whether the responding department agrees with or disputes with an explanation. As to each recommendations, the response shall indicate that the recommendations: A. Have been implemented with a summary of significant detail, B. Will be implemented with a time frame for implementation, C. Requires further analysis with details showing the scope and parameters of the study, D. Is not feasible with an explanation.

Topic Report Number Respondents
Continuity COR2016-2017-001 BOS Response
Contracts FAR2016-2017-001 BOS Response  CAO Response
Elections FAR2016-2017-002 BOS Response  C/R Response
BOS-Ethics FAR2016-2017-003 BOS Response  CC Response