Trinity County to Participate in Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Awareness Month

Trinity County Adult Protective Services will illuminate the windows of The Trinity County Health and Human Services Building with purple lighting in support of Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Awareness June 10th through June 17th. This month-long campaign aims at recognizing signs of abuse, as well as tools to report and prevent elder and dependent adult abuse.

As the aging population increases, elder and dependent adult abuse will continue to rise. Californians over 60 are the fastest-growing demographic. In Trinity County, those over 60 make up a third of our population. Trinity County reported a total of 188 cases of abuse in the past year, an increase of 17.5 % from previous years. For every substantiated case, as many as 14 are unreported.  It is important to raise public awareness surrounding elder and dependent adult abuse.

Trinity County Adult Services understands the unique challenges faced by our vulnerable populations. Our services are geared toward helping adults with physical, mental, or developmental disabilities, or elders who may be physically or financially abused, neglected, exploited or who are unable to meet their own needs. Types of elder abuse include physical, sexual, emotional/physiological, financial abuse, neglect, or self-neglect. These types of abuse can often go unnoticed, even by those closest to the victims.

To report abuse, please visit our online portal or you can call our offices at (530) 623-8209. In the case of an emergency please call our 24-hour hotline at (530) 623-1314. In-person reports are accepted during regular business hours.

Help us bring awareness to elder and dependent adult abuse this year by joining the conversation. Sit down with family and friends to discuss ways you would combat and report elder and dependent adult abuse in your own life. For more information on how to report and prevent elder and dependent adult abuse, visit 

About Trinity County

Located in the lower reaches of the Cascade Range in California, midway between Redding in Shasta County and the Northern Redwood Coast, Trinity County encompasses approximately 3,200 square miles of Granite Peak alpine grandeur. Tucked away among fir and pine forested slopes, wildflowers in season cloak remote dells with splashes of brilliant color. Clear, tumbling waters from tarns and snow packs high up under towering peaks course down through rock walled canyons. The Trinity River Scenic Byway traverses the County alongside State Route 299.