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Credit Worksheet Update:

At the November 7, 2023 Board of Supervisors Meeting, the Board set the end date for submission of 2021 Credit/Refund Worksheets to the Cannabis Division as November 15, 2023. The Board also set the end date of December 31, 2023 as the last date the credit/refund could be applied. ***In order to be able to utilize the credit worksheet for your 2023 license, your CCL will have to be noticed in the Trinity Journal by December 6, 2023 to be able to get your license issued by the end of the year. This means your CEQA document will need to be approved by December 1, 2023.***

A memo from CAO Trent Tuthill:

Date: October 17, 2023

Subject: Cannabis Ordinance Update Timeline

Based upon the tremendous amount of constructive public input during the four public workshops, to include comments received via electronic methods, Trinity County is announcing a new timeline for the overall Cannabis Ordinance Update. 


The county is grateful for all the input received to date and a strong message was a desire for future opportunities to provide input to the next ordinance update draft (version 2) – before it goes to the Planning Commission.  Embedded within the overall Cannabis Ordinance Update is a county obligation to introduce for Board of Supervisor consideration, changes associated with stacking certain license types.  In order to balance the existing county obligation related to stacking and the desire to provide more opportunities for public engagement on the overall Cannabis Ordinance Update, the county has decided to introduce an amendment to the existing cannabis ordinance to address this obligation. 


The county will work an ordinance amendment to address the county obligation relating to stacking.


Draft document available to public:  approximately Nov 3, 2023 - READ the Draft Document here

PC Meeting:  Nov 16, 2023

BOS hearing/mtg:  Dec 5, 2023


In a parallel effort, the county will continue to work on the full Cannabis Ordinance Update. Timeline forth-coming.


Read and Watch Recordings of the 2023 Cannabis Ordinance Workshops HERE



A resolution of the Board of supervisors of the County of Trinity allowing streamlined approval of Cannabis licenses that require CCV's for the calendar year 2023.

READ the resolution here:  Board of Supervisors Resolution No. 2023-071 

Below is the templated language & guidance for variance applicants to include in their App C's


New CCL-Applications:

We will begin accepting new applications and associated CEQA documents starting 5/4/2023. In order to get an intake appointment, the complete CEQA document is required to be submitted with the applicant’s name, business name, APN, WDID, and must meet the dwelling requirements (finaled or grandfathered building or with both an active Building Permit and a Directors Use Permit(DUP) for a temporary construction RV) to the email The CEQA document needs to have all applicable studies and site plans to move forward from this phase. Starting October 10, 2023, we will be requiring a cost-recovery, pre-application packet for the preliminary reviews of the new CCL CEQA documents. This packet will include a cost-recovery agreement to be signed and a non-refundable fee of $2500 to accompany the initial submission. A link to the agreement can be found HERE. If the application is located in an opt-out zone and doesn't meet the opt-out "grandfathering" criteria, it will be denied. Once the project has passed the preliminary review, you will then be scheduled for an application intake appointment where you will submit a hardcopy of the new CCL application and a half down non-refundable deposit. Please check all setbacks and if a variance is required, please submit an initial variance application & fee, ($751), along with the NEW CCL application. Once a completed application has been received, the CEQA document will go to initial review and be processed in the order that approved applications were received.

Our estimated processing time is 8 to 12 weeks.


UPDATE - Cut-off date for projects that havent submitted Appendix C's


4/28/23 is the last day for Appendix C submission, for previously licensed sites, utilizing a  previously submitted renewal application. Appendix C documents submitted must be complete and include the necessary studies (Biological Resource Assessment, Cultural, SMP, etc.).  


Applications for new small cultivation licenses will be accepted starting on 5/1/2023 and will be accepted by appointment only, with a completed Appendix C document submitted along with a completed new application.  


Cannabis Use Permit applications and license applications for additional non cultivation license types (distro, manufacturing, non storefront retail, microbusiness, etc.) will be accepted starting early summer 2023.


We will not be accepting requests to modify site conditions on sites with approved APP C documents until the existing backlog of Appendix C documents have been processed.


Local Equity Program Information:

Trinity County’s application, with the Governors Office of Business and Economic Development( GO-Biz), for type 2 Equity grant funds was not approved. Staff  is currently working on a new Equity application and manual. Please stay tuned for more information as we release it. 

These programs are currently the STATE tax relief programs for equity businesses: 

  • The Cannabis Equity Tax CreditAvailable for applicants who have been approved for state fee relief. Tax credit up to $10,000 available through December 31, 2027. Administered by the Franchise Tax Board.



Commercial Cannabis Cultivation License Refund or withdrawl Documents:


Is Your Contact Information Up to Date?

Please be advised that it is the applicant's responsibility (and, if applicable, their authorized agent's responsibility) to ensure that the Trinity County Cannabis Division has accurate and up to date contact information for the applicant (and, if applicable, their authorized agent). Mandatory contact information includes email, phone number, and mailing address.


The Trinity County Cannabis Division will use the contact information provided on the applicant's most recently submitted license application for all communications, unless otherwise updated by the applicant or their authorized agent(s). The Trinity County Cannabis Division shall not be responsible for any communication not received by the applicant (or their authorized representative) if accurate and up to date contact information has not been provided in writing.


If the applicant (or their authorized representative) contact information needs to be updated, please email the Trinity County Cannabis Division at


Appendix C (Environmental Checklist) Information:

Starting October 20th, the Planning Department Cannabis Division is accepting Appendix C documents for all existing and new licensees. The prioritization for reviewing Appendix C documents is outlined in the Transition Plan.

Cannabis Program Updates/Policy Memos:

Cultivation Medium Outdoor (Type III) License Availability – Updated 12/20/19

Currently, the Planning Department Cannabis Division has confirmed interest from the first 15 eligible 2016/2017 CCL holders.  At this time all 15 available licensees are reserved.  However, please check back for updates on this process.  


Resolution No. 2016-077 Adopting Four Principles on Local Regulations of Cannabis


Chapter 17.43 - Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Regulations


Chapter 17.43A - Wholesale Cannabis Nurseries and Resale of Auxiliary Nursery Products


Chapter 17.43B - Distribution Regulations for Commercial Cannabis


Chapter 17.43C - Cannabis Testing Facilities Regulations

Non-Storefront Retail

Chapter 17.43D - Cannabis Non-Storefront Retail


Chapter 17.43E - Cannabis Microbusiness


Chapter 17.43F - Cannabis Manufacturing

Storefront Retail 

Retail Storefront Ordinance 315-852

 Cannabis Fee Schedule
Class Type  Application Fee  General Plan Update Fee
Cultivation Specialty Cottage Outdoor $750.00 $250.00
Cultivation Specialty Cottage Mixed Light $1,500.00 $250.00
Cultivation Specialty Cottage Indoor $2,000.00 $250.00
Cultivation Specialty Outdoor and Mixed Light $3,000.00 $1,000.00
Cultivation Small Outdoor and Mixed Light $5,000.00 $1,000.00
Cultivation Medium Outdoor (candidates only) $8,000.00  $1,000.00
Cultivation Self Transport No Fee No Fee
Distribution Type 11 (Distributor) $6,000.00 $1,000.00
Distribution Type 13 (Transport Only) $2,000.00 No Fee
Manufacturing Type 6  $5,000.00 $1,000.00
Manufacturing Type 7 $6,000.00 $1,000.00
Manufacturing Type N $2,000.00 $500.00
Manufacturing Type P $2,000.00 $500.00
Manufacturing Type S (not currently available)

$2,000 for non cultivators

No fee for culivators

No Fee
Microbusiness Specialty Cottage $2,500.00 $750.00
Microbusiness Specialty  $6,000 $1,000
Microbusiness Small $8,000 $1,000
Nursery License $2,500 $1,000
Non-Storefront Retail $500 No fee
Testing License

Intial Fee: $2 per square foot

Renewal Fee: $1,000

$1,000 for both initial and renewal
Cannabis Variance Fee $751.00 No Fee
Conditional Use Permit $2,439.001 No Fee


1 - Ask staff for a fee estimate prior to writing a check/submitting formal payment. This is the base value associated with CUP applications and the total fee cost is project specific. 

Additional Forms

CCL Withdraw Form

Refund Request Form

Appeal Form (Application Fee of $500)

Business Disclosure Form

Applicant Release Form

Owner Permission Sheet 

State Waterboard Receipt Example

Cannabis Waste Management Plan Requirements 

Well Rate Recovery Testing Form

Hoop House Guidance Updated 5/30/2018

What is NOT considered a hoop house Updated 5/30/2018

Minimum Dwelling Unit

List of Consultants

Agent's Authorization Form

California Department of Fish and Wildlife Related Documents

Guidance from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for Compliance with Fish and Game Code 1602 (updated December 1, 2017)
California Department of Fish & Wildlife Notification of Lake or Streambed Alteration Webpage

California State Waterboard Related Documents

California Water Board Cannabis Cultivation Webpage
State Water Resources Control Board Statement of Water Diversion and Use Application 

Opt Out Area Maps

Trinity Center Community Services District

Coffee Creek Volunteer Fire District Maps

Weaverville CSD - North (Weaverville)

Weaverville CSD - South (Weaverville & Douglas City)

Rush Creek Estates Area

Lewiston CSD and Bucktail Subdivision

Lewiston Opt Out Expansion

Lewiston Opt Out Expansion Ext 1

Ord. No. 315-851 Rush Creek Estates & Lewiston Expansion Amendment

Less Than 3-Acre Conversions

Ordinance 315-815.EXT   Prohibiting Three-Acre Conversions
Less Than 3-Acre Conversions Affidavit