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Trinity County Transportation Commission - Overall Work Program


Regional Transportation Plan Final 2016 RTP

        Amendment No. 1 to 2016 RTP

    Figures 1-6 RTP

    2016 RTP Checklist
    Appendix 1A County Maintained Roads
    Appendix 1B County Bridge List
    Appendix 2 Travel Demand Model
    Appendix 3 Signalization Study
    Appendix 4A Caltrans Projects
    Appendix 4B County STIP Shares
    Appendix 4 C - 4 G County Project Lists
    Appendix 5 RTP Initial Study


Trinity County Transportation Commission

Richard Tippett, Executive Secretary

The Trinity County Transportation Commission (TCTC) is designated as a Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) as established by Government Code §29535. The TCTC is responsible for area wide transportation planning in Trinity County. This responsibility includes:

 Administration and Management

  •     Transportation Planning and Regional Coordination
  •     Transportation Alternatives and Marketing
  •     Claimant Funding and Oversight
  •     Grant Applications and Management

Principal Transportation-Related Activities of Rural RTPAs

  1.     Prepare and Adopt the Regional Transportation Plan: The TCTC prepares the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) every five years. The RTP provides direction to local, state, and federal transportation planning decision makers regarding regional transportation matters.
  2.     Prepare and Adopt the Regional Transportation Improvement Program: The Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP) is a prioritized program of proposed state or federally funded transportation project which TCTC would like to see funded through state or federal programs.      All projects with Federal funding need to be included in the RTIP.
  3.     Prepare the Overall Work Program(OWP) and OWP Progress Reports: The TCTC prepares the Overall Work Program (OWP) annually in the spring. The OWP outlines regional planning efforts which will be conducted over the upcoming fiscal year.
  4.     Allocate Transportation Development Act funds: The TCTC allocates Transit Development Act (TDA) funds on an annual basis to support local transit providers, pedestrian and bicycle purposes, and the activities of the TCTC. The TDA is composed of two funding sources: the Local Transportation Fund and the State Transit Assistance Funds.

Plans and Reports
Roles and Responsibilities of the Commission, Social Services Technical Advisory Committee, Transportation Planning Documents, Meetings and Calendars.

Trinity County Parcel Viewer   -- Basic planning and services information for parcels in Trinity County, CA

Trinity Transit   -- Website for the Trinity Transit bus system: Route Maps, Schedules, Fares and general Rider Information.

For information about delivery service via Transit buses view:  Deliveries on Trinity Transit

Other Transportation Options

Links for other transportation options within the County: 

Human Response Network
Southern Trinity Health Services
Golden Age Center
Roderick Senior Center

Regional Transportation Services

Links to other transportation related and/or connected to Trinity County and the region, state and federal transportation administrations.

Humboldt Transit Authority
Redding Area Bus Authority