Child Welfare Services

Child Welfare Services
51 Industrial Park Way
Building 2
P.O. Box 1378
Weaverville, CA 96093

Phone: 530-623-1314
Toll Free: 1-800-851-5658
Fax: 530-623-1488

Hours M-F 8am-5pm, Excluding Holidays


Mission Statement

The goal of Child Welfare Services is to keep children safe and to preserve families.  To have compassion for one another, to learn from others and give back without hesitation or judgement.  To offer professional skills and knowledge to all the residents of Trinity County in a manner that respects each individual as a unique person in a unique situation. To give families the tools and connections with community services they need to help them to be successful at parenting and rasing their children in a safe and healthy environment. To let families know we are here to support and assist them in making the changes necessary to keep their family together.

To see families living in our county as a strength to our community. To know that the children of Trinity County deserve to experience a safe, healthy and nurturing environments and their parents deserve our respect and understanding.

Moreover, the staff of CWS will know that the decision we make affect the lives of children and their families and it is our duty to do the best we can on their behalf. We choose to be caring and considerate in our treatment of all persons, no matter the circumstances and always present a professional attitude in dealing with families and the community.


Reporting Suspected Child Abuse

Mandated reporters and members of the public who are concerned about suspected child abuse or neglect can make reports to the local Child Welfare Services office at the 24 Hour Crisis number, (530) 623-1314. For more information on reporting, please refer to the link above.


Family Supportive Services

CWS works with families in several capacities, either voluntary or court ordered.  Family supportive services covers a variety of services and links to resources that help families meet their needs and build skills to help them successfully parent their children and meet the needs of their families.  For more information, click the Family Supportive Services  page link.


Transitional Services for Youth

There are a variety of services available to youth who are in foster care from age 16 and up, including some services for youth as they age out of foster care and beyond, transitioning to independence.  These programs are meant to help act as supports for eligible youth, please click the link for more information and links to programs.


Foster and Relative Care

Foster Care providers are a key part of supporting families involved with the Child Welfare system.  There is a demand for local care providers, both foster care and relative caregivers, for our community.  To find out more about local needs or how you can get involved, please see the Foster and Relative Care page.



In addition to the direct prevention services that Child Welfare Services offers local families, there are an array of other prevention activities and resources available to families and organizations.  For more information on local and national prevention activities and resources, please go to the Prevention page.



Child Welfare Services 2020-2021 Strategic Plan

2018-2023 CWS System Improvement Plan - Trinity County

2013-2018 CWS System Improvement Plan - Trinity County