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The Department of Transportation welcomes our  Director, Panos Kokkas, P.E.

The Department of Transportation is currently having phone issues due to an aging system requiring an upgrade due to be completed in September of 2022. A live person will answer the department phone Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) 8am to 5pm and direct your call to the desired party. The old voicemail system does not currently function and we appreciate your patience while we proceed to upgrade our phone system.                   

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Central Federal Lands are recommending ALL trucks and RV’s not use Van Duzen Road past post mile 9.5.  Anyone towing a travel trailer or boat may have trouble getting around the curve due to wall construction.                                                                                                           



While the responsibility of wildlife animals rest with the United States Forest Service or California Department of Fish and Game, they do not pick up wild animal carcasses. At this time there is no public agency in Trinity County that removes animals struck by vehicles. 


If an animal is struck by a vehicle and obstructing a County Roadway, the D.O.T. road crews may move the animal to the side of road, but will not remove the carcass from the site.


If the animal dies on private property, it is the owner’s responsibility to dispose of the carcass; State Highways are handled by Caltrans. In the case of a domestic animal, please call the Trinity County Animal Shelter (530-623-1370); they will attempt to locate the owner but they do not pick up the animal – that is the owner’s responsibility.


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Caltrans has a set up a Road Construction Hotline with important project related information including expected delay times. You can call 530-225-3452, 24 hours a day to access this information. You can also log on to or follow us on Twitter @Caltrans D2.

Please remember to follow some simple guidelines while traveling during hot days. Due to extreme temperatures and probable delays along the highways,  it is very important to do the following before setting out on your drive:

  • Make sure you have a full tank of gas
  • Check your air conditioning and coolant levels
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks with you
  • Use the restroom before leaving home
  • Please leave pets at home if at all possible

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Local Chain Requirements (via Caltrans)

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