Trinity County Title 13 Code reference


Fees for Plots:
(effective 4/20/2023)

Plot Grave Sites

Resident Fee Schedule

Non-Resident Fee Schedule

Single Depth  Full- Size $1,600.00 $2,000.00
Double Depth Full Size
(second plot is prepaid)
$2,000.00 $2,500.00
Cremains Plot Single $400.00 $500.00
Cremains Plot Double
(second plot is prepaid)
$600.00 $750.00
Burial Record Processing Fee $64 (per contract/internment) $64 (per contract/ internment)
Service Billing Charge $64 (per billing statement) $64 (per billing statement)
Contract Development Fee $64 (per contract/ internment) $64 (per contract/ internment)
Second Use Fee $200.00 $250.00
Children's Plot-Selected Cemeteries Only* $320.00 $400.00


  • Maximum (2) two cremains per plot only in cremains sections. Must be double depth if (2) two are together.
  • The number of multiple interments or cremated remains per full size gravesite shall not exceed (5) five. Each additional cremains are required to pay a second use fee plus contract/ records fee.
* A child(ren) is defined anyone twelve (12) years of age or younger


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