Disaster Recovery

Northern Valley Catholic Social Service (NVCSS) is providing case management services to residents of Trinity County impacted by the August Complex fire. Those interested in receiving disaster case management services can contact NVCSS at 833-775-3267 [statewide] or 530-605-5396, or by email at dcmptrinity@nvcss.org.



Having  some trouble coping with the aftermath of a fire emotionally or just wanting to have some support and share information?



United Policy Workshops for 2020 Fire impacted households July 2021 flyer reduced size graphic on Resources (disaster) link page. -Icon below left sidebar

Trinity Wildfire Group_June.July.Aug.Sept. 2021 Calendar Link  - smaller version than link, as example only; July's CALENDAR BELOW


reduced size graphic example of Trinity Wildfire Group workshop calendar



                                                                                                                                                         Flyer in English; Wildfire Assistance by Nations Finest

                                                                                                                                                         Flyer in Spanish Wildfire Assistance

Check out the flyers below and tune into the Calendar link to see if anything strikes a chord that sounds right for you. 

Trinity County Wildfire Crisis Counseling Outreach. 

Erosion Control on burned properties can be a problem. Check out the flyer links for programs that can help through the USDA/NRCS  links below and contacts on the RESOURCES page. 

NRCS: Erosion Conrtol help and Ag assistance programs for Grants and Loans. 

The June deadlines have past but our NRCS contact tells us there is always another timeline starting so if you feel you have missed a deadline please contact their office via the links below and on the resource pages and talk to someone about upcoming service programs for the coming seasons. Maybe there will be something that can fill your needs. 

Catastrophic Wildfire Assistance on Private land fact sheet -resources

photo snippet from erosion picture on NCRS webpage




5 Steps to Assistance



In need of legal service help related to the August Fire Disaster on your property?  


Disaster Legal Services (DLS) provides free legal help to low-income disaster survivors. If you're not able to get adequate legal services for your disaster-related needs, DLS may be able to help.

FEMA provides this service through an agreement with the Young Lawyers Division of the American Bar Association (ABA). They may only provide advice for cases that will not generate a fee.

For cases that may generate a fee, the ABA person taking the call can turn them over to the local lawyer referral service.

DLS can help with the following:

  • Insurance claims for medical bills, loss of property, and loss of life
  • New wills, powers of attorney, and other legal papers lost during the disaster
  • Home-repair contracts and contractors
  • Problems with landlords
  • Proof of home ownership
  • FEMA appeals

DLS attorneys are not FEMA employees. Their services are confidential and they do not share information with FEMA.

General Program Requirements

To qualify for DLS, you must be a low-income survivor of a presidentially declared disaster.

Application Process

You can call to get a referral to DLS:

  • 1-800-621-3362 (also for 711 & VRS)
  • TTY 1-800-462-7585

When you call, you'll get disaster-specific help and information. You'll also learn how to get other legal help.



Reminder; Low income and disaster grant and loan information can be found on the resources, business resources and rebuilding pages ...

There is also a new document link added below under "helpful Recovery information" for virtual recovery workshops by United Policy Holders. 





enlightened Good Idea: Ask questions about Debris Removal Phases and the status of properties at this phone number  provided by Tetra Tech:Homeowner Contact Line: (530) 767-7013.

Some new information has been added to the Business Resources and Rebuilding pages for the August Fire Recovery .

Several fliers are available to look at involving Water Well Grant resources, Home Repair Loan programs and some financing fact sheets. 

Helpful Recovery information, Services, and forms are listed here : 

General information related to fires, rebuilding 




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