District 2

Jill Cox

Elected County Supervisor, District 2

Jill has been a member of the Weaverville community for 32 years. She is wife to Hayfork school teacher, Kent Cox, and has raised four children in this county she calls home.  Jill spent her years in Trinity teaching school and piano, as well as running a small advertising business.  These endeavors afforded her the opportunities to work with local individuals, families and enterprises resulting in deep friendships she truly cherishes. 


Jill is committed to the betterment of her community and the well-being of the many people who call it their home as well.  Specific areas of focus include the revitalization of Weaverville as a safe, economically thriving, and recreationally inviting community through collaboration with our generous, hard-working private business community and other local organizations; support for those working to address our need for both low-income and workforce housing; and streamlining processes that lead to community growth, both as a County generally, as well as components specific to District 2.  As a means toward these ends, Jill is committed to transparent, thoughtful governance and is delighted at the opportunity to give back to the County she holds dear by serving its residents as District 2 Supervisor.