Coronavirus (COVID-19) Frequently Asked Questions 2621


Seeing 11/09 dashboard for first time, am concerned about Community exposure. We all frequent the Hayfork places sited in the press release (Wileys, Discount, etc.). What do people in the vulnerable categories need to do to protect themselves from places where the personnel do not wear face covering, and most customers do not comply? I was tested on Oct. 30. After "Community " exposure do I and the vulnerable people I deal with (shopping, other contact) get tested, isolate? Need to know how to go about daily living now that the virus has hit a new high in our area.


Thank you for your question. We recommend that, particularly our vulnerable populations, limit exposure through businesses that are not compliant with the masking and social distancing mandate in California.  If you must patronize these businesses out of necessity some things to consider could be curb side pick-up. Check with the store owner to determine if you could order groceries over the phone and pick-up groceries at the curb side. Wear masks while in public, stay 6 feet apart from those outside your household and frequently wash hands these are all important if you must patronize these businesses. The Public Health Branch is also available to assist our vulnerable populations that are isolating at home with connecting them to resources, including social services. Please contact the COVID-19 line at 623-8235 should you need assistance with any COVID-19 related issues.

You can also find additional information on self-isolation and self-quarantine below: