Permanent residents of Trinity County and non-residents who own property in the County may apply for a Trinity County library card upon providing proof of County residency or property ownership. Seasonal or part-time residents may obtain a temporary library card if they show proof of their permanent residence and can provide a local address and telephone number where the library can reach them. A General Delivery mailing address does not qualify as proof for a card.

An official picture id., issued by a federal, state, or local government agency, is necessary to apply for a library card. Additionally, proof of a current local address is required using one of the documents listed below:

  • Checks imprinted with applicant’s name and address.
  • Current bill imprinted with applicant’s name and address.
  • Recent postmarked mail addressed to applicant within the last month.
  • Property tax document.
  • Current rental agreement with applicant’s name and address or rent receipt bearing applicant’s name and address.

Minors under 18 must have a parent’s or guardian’s signature in order to obtain a Trinity County library card.  The parent or guardian must accompany the minor, be present to provide their identification and signature when filling out the card for the minor, and assume responsibility for materials checked out on the card. Children over the age of 5 may qualify for their own library card if they are able to legibly print their first and last names on the library registration form. Parental or guardian consent must be provided in order for a minor to use the Internet.

Library cards are non-transferable. Borrowers are responsible for all materials checked out on their card as well as any fines, fees or damages assessed to their card. Failure to observe the rules and regulations of the library will result in the suspension of borrowing privileges.