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There are many ways to support the Library.


Membership in the Friends is easy and economical. By joining the Friends, you know that the money you are contributing goes directly towards the support of our local libraries. Membership forms can be obtained at the Weaverville and Hayfork Libraries or you can fill out our online membership form, submit by mail or drop it off at any of the branches. Click here for the Friends Membership form.

You can also support the Library through donations of gently used books or media, monetary donations, becoming a volunteer or attending a Friends-sponsored events such as the annual book sale. The Friends also maintain a nice stock of books and media for sale at both the Weaverville and Hayfork libraries. It’s just like having a small bookstore right inside the Library! All income from book sales goes towards the needs of our local libraries, be it new materials or supplies.


January 1, 2015

On behalf of our Board of Directors, I send you greetings and wishes for a prosperous New Year. I’m very pleased to report that 2014 was a very successful year for our libraries and that much was accomplished.

Over the year, The Friends purchased many new books, periodicals, and various media for the Children’s and Adult collections at all three libraries. These additions, in conjunction with the hugely popular Zip Book Program, are assuring that our libraries continue to offer new and timely print-form materials covering a wide spectrum of topics, interests, and categories. Oresta and her skilled staff are dedicated to maintaining and offering dynamic and fresh selections for the benefit and enjoyment of our patrons, of all ages. The Friends work closely with Oresta and her staff in meeting these objectives.

Also, our digital “E-Book ” programs and offerings are doing quite well as these electronic digital formats continue to rapidly grow in popularity. With circulations growing in these areas, The Friends anticipate providing continuing and increasing support to these exciting new formats and devices.

I am also extremely pleased to report to you that the commitment made by The Friends in 2013 to adopt and deploy our new Userful Virtual Desktop, Zero-Client Public Computer Workstation Systems at the Hayfork and Weaverville Branches has proven to be an excellent choice. We have now compiled over a year’s worth of hands-on, real world experience with these leading edge technologies, and they have performed beyond our greatest expectations. These systems are reliable, stable, intuitive, exceptionally secure, and able to maintain each patron’s privacy to the highest degree. Plus, they are remarkably energy efficient to operate; they consume a mere fraction of the electricity needed to operate conventional terminals. Patron responses to their experiences using these new public computers has been overwhelmingly positive. This success is due to you, all of The Friends, with your membership dues and donation support. Thank you for making this project our new reality.

And, once more, I am very pleased to report that our Annual Summer Reading Programs this past Summer were a great hit with all the children and their parents. Our amazingly talented Beth Bauer in Weaverville and C.J. Cisco in Hayfork produced impressively creative programs and experiences that helped reveal to the children the solid-bond connections between reading skills, knowledge, and personal success in life. We are so blessed to have these two wonderful leaders and their dedicated volunteer support staffs. Please thank them when you see them. As you’ll see in our enclosed newsletter, preparations are already well under way for the upcoming Summer Programs.
Since 1986 The Trinity County Friends of the Library has been a demonstrably potent and effective advocate for our precious Trinity County Free Library System. Your membership dues and contributions are a crucially important component, providing our 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with the resources we need to continually improve and expand the educational materials and services made available to our citizens. I respectfully request that you renew your membership for 2015 with the enclosed form. Please tell your friends and neighbors about us too. As you know, every dollar helps, every dollar is expended with great care, and every single penny of every dollar goes solely to support our Trinity County Libraries.

Sincerely, Mark D. Feely / President TCFOL