Meeting Room

Trinity County Library Policy for the Use of the Meeting Room

Allowed Uses and Eligible Groups:

The primary use of the Trinity County Library Meeting Room is to provide for assemblies of County Government and to promote educational and informational programs to the public. The room is available to community groups at other times regardless of that group’s political, religious, or social views and may be used for non-commercial purposes, at the appropriate fee. The room is not available for purely social gatherings or for religious organizational services. Fire regulations prohibit the use of the meeting room by groups of more than 120 people.

Application and Reservation:

Application for use of the room must be made with library staff at least one week prior to the time of use of the room. Cancellations should be made at least forty eight hours prior to the reservation date. All fees for the room must be paid prior to the use of the room. The completed application form may be submitted to library staff or emailed to Meeting Room Request Form.

The room is available on a first-come first-served basis, on a one-time or regularly-recurring schedule. The meeting room may be reserved for a series of regularly scheduled meetings up to twelve months at a time.

County government has priority on the use of the room at all times and reserves the right to schedule County-sponsored activities at any time regardless of previously arranged reservations.  In such instances, every effort will be made to give two weeks’ notice to the organization concerned.

Permission to use the meeting room is granted upon condition that all rules and regulations governing the use of the room are followed.  Permission may be revoked at any time for failure to follow the rules. Permission to use the meeting room is not transferable from one organization to another.


The fees as currently set by the Board of Supervisors are as follows:

  • $30/half day or $50/full day for the use of the room (includes cleaning deposit)
  • $15.50 per day for liability coverage unless proof of self-insurance is provided

Rules for the use of the meeting room:

  • An application for the use of the meeting room must be filled out in advance, allowing sufficient time for a tour of the room and a review of the rules with a library staff member. The individual who fills out the application is responsible for seeing that the rules are followed.
  •  If the individual who fills out the application does not attend the meeting, another individual must be delegated to be responsible for the room and must receive a copy of the policy.
  •  All fees must be paid prior to the use of the meeting room.
  •  If the use of the room is scheduled before or after library open hours, the responsible individual must make arrangements to pick up and return the key.
  •  The use of the meeting room includes the use of tables, chairs, and lectern. Groups are responsible for setup, cleanup and the return of the room to the condition it was found.
  •  Groups sponsoring meetings are responsible for the orderly conduct of the group and for any damage to County property and equipment.
  •  Children’s and young adult meetings must be adequately supervised by adults at all times.
  •  The Library and County assume no responsibility for any point of view expressed during a meeting and assume no responsibility for any special equipment needs or property left in the room.
  •  There may be no solicitation, sales or fees. Payment of dues for an organization is permitted.
  •  Smoking and use of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. No nails, screws, staples, tape or adhesive can be used on the walls.
  •  No messages can be accepted by library staff for delivery in the meeting.
  •  Lights in the meeting room, rest rooms, and lobby must be turned off and outside doors securely locked at the conclusion of the meeting.