County Government http://www.trinitycounty.org/

The Trinity Journal http://www.trinityjournal.com/
The Trinity Journal has been serving Trinity County since Jan. 26, 1856 and has never missed an issue despite storms, fires, floods, etc.

Chamber of Commerce http://www.trinitycounty.com/
Provides all the information you need about Trinity County businesses and events.

Jake Jackson Museum http://trinitymuseum.org/
The Museum is home of the Trinity County Historical Society, many fascinating exhibits on the history of Trinity County and a gift shop.

TCAC http://www.trinitycountyarts.com/
The Trinity County Arts Council is dedicated to promoting art and music for all of Trinity County.

HRN http://www.humanresponsenetwork.org/
The Human Response Network was established in 1980 and provides needed resources to Trinity County families.

Trinity Transit http://www.trinitytransit.org/
Get the latest schedules and fares for Trinity Transit, covering Trinity County and points beyond.

RABARide http://rabaride.com/pdf/RABA_Routes_booklet.pdf
For points beyond Trinity County, the RABARide downloadable booklet provides up to date information on bus schedules in and around Redding.

CSU Chico North State Initiative Website http://www.csuchico.edu/northstate/index.shtml
Information on programs, services and activities that connect the University with neighboring North State counties including Trinity.

Northern California Weather Blog http://www.northstateweather.com/
Check the current and expected weather for Northern California as well as local road conditions.

UCCE http://cetrinity.ucdavis.edu/
UC Cooerative Extension in Trinity County provides information about the 4-H program and other local forestry, nutrition and agriculture programs.

RCD http://www.tcrcd.net/
Trinity County Resource Conservation District is committed to sound management of Natural Resources on Public and Private lands and assists people in protecting, managing, conserving, and restoring the natural resources of Trinity County through information, education, technical assistance, and project implementation programs.